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SoapBox SDK Studio 2010  v.732

SoapBox SDK Studio 2010 is the only fully documented, open source, multi-platform SDK for integrating XMPP based communications into existing applications.

SoapBox Server 2010 Express Edition  v.731

Coversant® SoapBox Server 2010 is the only XMPP solution scalable to ¼ million concurrent sessions on a single CPU, and which supports real-time interoperability with extraordinary throughput exceeding 120,000 messages per second.

SoapBox Server  v.2005 SR1

SoapBox Server 2005 Standard Edition is a secure, easy-to-use, XMPP instant messaging server. It supports Active Directory, NT, Sun ONE Directory, and Novell eDirectory integration. The contact lists automatically synchronize with Active Directory.

SoapBox Communicator  v.2007

Experience the power of instant collaboration with Coversant"s free IM client application, available now for Windows desktop and mobile. Key Features Share documents, presentations and graphics Arrange contact groups Add or edit contact or profile

SoapBox Server Standard Edition  v.2007

Coversants SoapBox Server 2007 elegantly manages secure XMPP EIM across domains and platforms. The SoapBox Server is the most cost effective EIM server to deploy and maintain. Free Express Edition available. Manages secure messaging across

WinJournal  v.1.0.2

WinJournal 1.0.2 is actually beneficial to organize and record your thoughts and daily events, create blogs and podcasts.Introducing WinJournal--the "Next Generation" of journaling. Effortlessly organize and record your thoughts and daily events.

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